Monday, May 17, 2010

Oil Spills

We need oil at least until the alternative sources come on line. It is important that we do not rely upon people who want to blow us up to provide the oil. There are many places we can drill for oil that do not involve 5000 feet of water. If these places were to be utilized they would be less likely to have problems and if there was to be a problem it could be fixed - mainly because the wellhead would not be 5000 feet underwater! The issue that should be investigated is: why are we drilling in the place that is most likely to have a problem? If this well was on land it would have been fixed in a day – if it happened in the first place. Which groups forced drilling into the place that is most inaccessible, the most expensive, the hardest to fix if something goes wrong? Why do we continue to listen to them? Congress continues to ask the wrong questions.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who did this stuff before?

One of the prime issues provide by the people supporting amnesty for illegal aliens is that they perform jobs that American citizens don’t want. If that is true, who was performing those jobs before the flood of illegals showed up? There were restaurants then and they had workers; there were lawns then and they got mowed and there were other jobs that supposedly citizens don’t want and they got done too. The unemployment rate is 10% - even higher for those with limited skills and experience – and the pro-amnesty people are still pushing this line. Who are they to say someone with no income wouldn’t take a job?


Arizona ’s new law makes an existing federal crime into also being a state crime. There are a lot of complaints about the law but the complaints are about what might happen if the law (federal or state) were actually to be enforced. This is a different issue than whether being an illegal alien is actually – you know – illegal. There are laws against illegal conduct. The problem here is that the federal law is not being enforced. Clearly, doing anything illegal is illegal.

Politics is local

San Francisco’s city attorney and Chicago want to boycott Arizona. San Francisco based 9th Circuit Court of Appeals added to their history of bad law and certified a bogus class action suit against Wal-Mart. Chicago has big anti-Arizona marches. Pelosi represents San Francisco; Obama is from Chicago. See a pattern?