Monday, November 7, 2011


The does not seem to be any definition of what "fair share" means when applied to taxing the people who have money. The tax raisers among us certainly would not consider it fair if everyone one paid the same amount of money; they don't consider it fair if everyone paid the same percentage of their income in taxes (they must have missed the day in 3rd grade where many learned that 20% of $1,000,000 is more than 20% of $50,000); and they don't consider it fair that the top rate is infinitely higher than the lowest rate which is 0%. The left's definition of "fair share" appears to be that some people should pay everything that is needed. What happens when that is not enough?

Whiner in chief

President Obama is making progress. He has advanced from blaming his predecessor to blaming everything. He tells us that his economic plans would have worked except there was a tsunami, problems in the Middle East, oils prices went up and other things happened that were beyond his control. That speech is the first time I have heard any President actually whine and I have been around for more than most. While it is good to know that he recognizes his failures, the blame thing is really getting old.

Well, Recuse me.

When a judge is assigned a case where there is personal involvement, they are supposed to recuse themselves. Our President has at least two close relatives who have been in this country illegally for years and he is still involved in the illegal immigration discussions. The White House has no comment. Hmmm