Friday, January 30, 2009

Equal Pay

The transparent Administration is living up to its promise. It is transparently paying back the lobbyists that supported its campaign. This time it is with the Equal Pay amendment. This Act is based upon well publicized headlines from studies showing that women earn less then men. The immediate conclusion is that there is widespread discrimination in the workplace. But these studies only compare the total salaries of men and women and the hours worked to identify this difference. No mention is made of a comparison of men and women in the same job in the same company with the same seniority. Where anything more specific is cited, comparisons are based upon “similar” jobs – where “similar” means jobs that the study thinks are the same or should be paid the same. The resulting misinformation is used to generate outrage at the companies who are discriminating.
This is not to advocate discrimination of any type. Only that the problem are we trying to solve should be properly identified before enacting legislation requiring businesses to spend more money to fill out more forms. This does not help economic recovery. It will help to generate lawsuits.

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