Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Constitution?

Obama claims that it would be "unprecedented" if the Court overturns a law passed by Congress. Well that is wrong.

The man is a well qualified Dope but is rapidly earning major idiot status. When he was running 4 years ago, the media liked to call him a constitutional law professor. He was actually a senior lecturer who apparently was unqualified for any position related to constitutional law. As President, he has consistently opined about active cases and interfered with due process (asking the racist law professor from Harvard and the cop over for a beer; Treyvon Martin; this one; lecturing the Court from the State of the Union Podium) which no President should do.

A supposed "constitutional law Professor" who is not familiar with Marbury v. Madison is a bigger Dope/Idiot that anyone ever realized - not even considering that everything else he said in this article is absolutely incorrect. Not knowing what is in the Constitution might be an impeachable offense for a President sworn to uphold it. Exactly what does he think is in the document that he is sworn to uphold?

The real mystery is how anyone can support this guy.

PS: Really great job by the mainstream press in keeping the idiot's stupid statements out of the discussion. Romney should be shouting this from the mountain top. Santorum should go away.

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