Saturday, March 21, 2009


The best thing that has happened to Congress recently is the ineptitude of the AIG bonus story. This story has removed the Congressional earmark issue from the public view. The earmarks misappropriated billions (B) of dollars to various pet projects which are generally of no use to the public at large. The AIG bonus issue is counted in the millions (M). This money was still misappropriated and still of no use to the public but the Congressional boondoggles were many orders of magnitude worse. So now our Congress gets to grandstand at another CEO for doing exactly what our Congress does. Meanwhile, President Obama also expressed outrage. He does not mention that his Secretary of the Treasury has been the architect of these bailouts since the beginning. The beginning is from the Bush Administration where he designed all of this without any oversight.
This is the Secretary that we had to have even though he couldn’t figure out the need to pay his taxes - that was just an oversight; this is the same man who approved these bonuses in the first place – another oversight; the same man who was supposed to have a comprehensive plan completed last month – it is now on schedule for maybe next month. A true comedy of errors. To keep up the comedy, President Obama goes on Leno and makes a joke about the handicapped – another oversight. What this whole gang does not have but needs desperately is oversight

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