Thursday, March 5, 2009

Early Accomplishments

In just over 5 weeks President Obama has:
Promised money to oil producing countries to bolster the image of the US to Muslims
Insured that the most capable CEOs will not work at troubled banks
Provided mortgage support to people who took cash out refinances and can’t account for the money
Appointed a union leader to run the Auto Czar committee
Appointed the CEO of a failed bank specializing in sub prime mortgages to his economic advisory committee
Shown that he knows almost no one who pays actually taxes
Released a guy from Guantanamo who went directly to work for the terrorists in Syria
Destroyed any progress made on welfare reform in the last 20 years.
Continues to try to scare everyone about the economy
Still has not released any background information on himself
Refused to stop the absurd earmark spending
Given money to people who don’t pay taxes,
Given money to people who chose have children but don’t make enough to support them
Spent more money faster than anyone ever has

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