Saturday, February 13, 2010

I happened to listen to Monica Crowley the other day. She did a segment where she repeatedly called the senior Senator "Senator Sphincter". Made me crazy so I sent her an email:

Talk radio hosts have several responsibilities to their employer, their audience to provide an accurate and informative forum to discuss topics of interest. But the larger responsibility is to demonstrate to the great undecided group the benefits of the free market policies. This is the group that determines elections. Conservative talk radio audiences are growing because increasing numbers of people are looking for alternatives to big government solutions and network media.
But look at what happens:
In a search for alternatives, an independent guy tunes into a conservative talk show like yours. He hears you repeatedly calling Arlen Spector names that might titillate a 4th grader. The obvious conclusion that the independent reaches is that the host is a moron and the cause she represents attracts morons. So why would the independent guy continue to listen?
Your audience is not growing nor will it continue to grow if you continue to pander to the people who are already convinced of the correctness of free market policies. Throwing them raw meat at the expense of getting more converts is counter productive.

You have too much good stuff to say to sink to that level.

No response as yet.

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