Saturday, February 13, 2010


Newsday reports a plan that Suffolk police are being directed to improve communication with non-English speakers. Thanks to the advocacy groups and a Department of Justice order, police now have to take a “Simple Spanish Commands” class and are required to provide written materials in languages other than English. And this is not good enough for these advocates. They even want police to learn more about “why people are coming here”.
This is outrageous and backwards. These advocates and the pandering politicians who support this drivel should be promoting measures to teach their constituents to read and speak English. Encounters with the police aside, it is difficult enough to get a job. Without even minimal English fluency, they are restricted to pulling weeds, washing dishes and digging holes. That their advocates pursue policies that restrict them to these menial jobs allows these “advocates” to maintain control over them and is racist in the extreme.
The majority of people on Long Island have relatives who are immigrants. Their first effort was to learn the language and they received limited government assistance. The result was that the second generation of these immigrants all spoke English.
Politicians who support this racist position should be held to account.

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