Sunday, April 25, 2010


Some day people will understand that every single thing that the current President is doing is designed to redistribute income:

Cash for Clunkers – you had to have a car worth less than $4,500 for it to be worth doing.

Aid to “underwater” mortgages – if you bought a house you could actually afford, saved money for a down payment, didn’t borrow 100% of the value, were bright enough to know that adjustable rate loans actually – you know – adjusted, have had a home for 5 years or more, you are probably not underwater (maybe close but not underwater) and not eligible for government assistance. But, if you never saved a nickel, made no down payment, and took a loan you could never repay, you are underwater. So, you are then eligible for government money. They reduce your loan and when the value goes up, you have equity. Democratic wealth creation at its finest! And if you get a nutty judge, the Bank has to give you a cash payment for your “pain and suffereing”.

Health care - There is nothing in the bill that addresses the constant increases in health care costs. Nothing. If you were covered before you (defined as working and paying taxes) are still covered but it will cost you and your employer more. This was no effort to control health care costs – no effort to help the recently unemployed. It is an expanded entitlement to “those who need it most”.

Student Loans – increased in Pell grants is directed toward the “neediest students”. The people who actually pay taxes get nothing. The bogus beauty schools will again cause massive defaults. Colleges will continue to lower standards to let more people in to get more money for not educating people. Does anyone really believe that college graduates are better educated now than 30 years ago?

He campaigned to do it and he is coming through. It isn't helping most people but he is doing it anyway.

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