Sunday, April 25, 2010


The really good thing about the health care bill is that it has created the means to resolve all of the countries economic problems. Having determined that the Constitution contains the right to health care and the power mandate everyone to exercise that right, it only remains for Congress to discover a few other rights in the Constitution and mandate their enforcement. Clearly the rights to buy another house, to buy another car and to get really cool stuff are in the same clause as the right to health care. So, all Congress has to do is:
Mandate that everyone buy another house. This would immediately put all the construction workers and trade guys back to work. It would also increase housing prices and resolve the problem of people being underwater on their mortgage.
Mandate that everyone buy another car – an electric one. This would get all the UAW guys back to work and reduce oil imports.
Mandate everyone buy a flat screen TV, get new green appliances, get a new wardrobe and redecorate all their houses. The increase in consumer spending would complete the economic rebound.
The last mandate (maybe this should be first) is to mandate that the minimum wage be raised to over $250,000 per year. This would mean the end of welfare (again) and all the other entitlements would no longer be necessary. The budget problems would be eliminated and everyone would have to pay taxes to pay for the health care bill.
This would also be a self perpetuating system. Congress could periodically declare it found the Constitutional right to a bigger house, bigger car, bigger TV, etc.
What could go wrong?

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