Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finding Oil

This is easy.
1.)We need oil at least until the alternative sources come on line.
2.)We should not rely upon people who want to blow us up to provide the oil.
3.)The US has oil in places that are easy to get at.

So our geniuses say we can only drill in 5000 feet of water! If the easy places were to be utilized they would be less likely to have problems and if there was to be a problem it could be fixed - mainly because the wellhead would not be 5000 feet underwater!

The issue that should be investigated is: why are we drilling in the place that is most likely to have a problem? If this well was on land it would have been fixed in a day – if it happened in the first place. Which groups forced drilling into the place that is most inaccessible, the most expensive, the hardest to fix if something goes wrong? Why do we continue to listen to them?

Congress continues to ask the wrong questions.

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