Tuesday, June 8, 2010


President Obama spoke about the steps he is taking to respond to the spill. The second thing he said was to note the “increasingly forceful tone he has been directing at BP”. This is leadership? From his own words, he has been in charge since Day One. That was 50 days ago.

This is a complete lack of leadership. The government has done nothing – nothing - to stop the oil from reaching the shore. Gov. Jindal wanted to build the barrier islands the second day after this became known and BP would have paid for it. The government refused to approve it for “environmental reasons” – until now weeks later. Why was it a bad idea weeks ago and a good one now? They could have been finished and prevented oil from reaching shore. BP wanted to start burning it – and were stopped – same reason. They wanted to put PRP in the water to absorb it and be safely eaten by other organisms – government wouldn’t allow that – for reasons unknown.

The President has the Coast Guard there - Good. Where is the Army/Navy? There are (civilian) volunteers are the shore picking up oil balls. How about a few thousand military recruits policing the area too?

The man is worthless.

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