Sunday, July 18, 2010


Obama’s latest photo op was in Michigan to promote making batteries for electric cars. It could even create 300 jobs for its $151 million cut of the stimulus pie (That would be about $500,000 per job created!!!!). But there might be some unintended consequences:

The worst thing you can put into a landfill is a battery. They are really, really bad for the environment. And electric cars have a bunch of them that do not last forever.

Pop Quiz: When they plug all these cars into charge overnight, they will plug into a solar charged battery (batteries again)that has stored the solar power from the previous day - unless it has rained; or into a windmill in their backyard – unless it is the still of the night; or a coal powered power plant that has to burn more coal because the overnight power requirements have increased? Which one of these things is good?

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