Friday, July 30, 2010

Dopy, Dopier, Dopiest

Should have posted this last week; got lost.

The First Dope and his minions have proceeded along the curve from dopey, through stupid, and went roaring past complete incompetence. There is no name for this.

For a week we hear about this final capping process. The BP plan was to take off the partial cap that was stemming some of the oil flow. They announced a week prior that they ha dto do that to get a better cap on it. There was to be a period where even more oil was gushing out while they did this. That was the cost of trying. OK, o they try. They remove what was there the flow increases and BP starts to put on the cap.
WHILE they were doing this - after they had taken the existing cap off and the gusher increase to its maximum, the Administration decides they have more questions and makes them stop!! The same questions they had a week and more to ask. Mercifully, they went back to trying; might not work (it did) but more committees won’t help either. They never miss an opportunity to demonstrate their stupidity. They found something they are good at.

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