Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Common Defense - Part One

The first responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens against outside attacks – you know that “provide for the common defense” thing. A government that cannot do that it is worthless to its citizens. It is before promoting the general Welfare, and securing the Blessings of Liberty because unless the citizenry is safe, the General Welfare and Blessings of Liberty are meaningless concepts.

There are currently two challenges to the common defense. The first is unrestricted immigration. Unrestricted immigration is overwhelming our economy. Our social services are in jeopardy – schools, hospitals, the judicial system and other services are strained to the breaking point.

The politically correct amnesty brigade has a list of justifications for continuing to allow this flood.

This is a “country of immigrants” is often the first thing heard. True enough, but previous waves of immigrants passed through whatever were the legal processes of immigration at the time. Not so now. People are now moving from where they are to where they can get more stuff. (Government services) It is not my problem - or yours - that there are other countries that cannot provide for their own citizens because their politicians are even more corrupt and economically idiotic than ours. We have enough trouble dealing with our own dopes. The idea of immigration policy is that people who have something to contribute should be encouraged to come here, assimilate to the country and make their contribution – whatever it is. The idea that the government is encouraging people not to assimilate is an insult to those who passed this way before. Government mandates to have all signs in multiple languages, translators for everything, NYC schools teaching in over 100 languages does not help people assimilate. Think about the need for signs that say “Vote aqui”?

Another reason given for doing nothing is that actions against illegal aliens would be racist since the overwhelming majority of the illegals are Hispanic. To say that this is convoluted logic is an understatement. Incredibly, we are apparently to believe that if only more illegal aliens were white, then preventing illegal immigration would be politically correct! As always, it is someone else’s fault so they blame the Canadians! According to this bit of double-speak, if only more Canadians were streaming across the border, the government would act.

The last major argument is that “they” take jobs that “we” won’t do and at wages “we” won’t take. Ask the 10% of the people that are unemployed if they would take these jobs at the same untaxed wages. This argument also doesn’t answer the question of how these jobs were performed before this flood of illegals. That is because before the flood, lawns were mowed, holes were dug, restaurants were staffed, all the other stereotypical jobs got done and businesses got along just fine.
While the illegal flood crests, these people here who just don’t get the “illegal” part of illegal alien. Since they don’t get the illegal part, they oppose any effort to stop it. And the illegals join their protests. It is the height of folly that people who are here illegally protest against the law that says they are illegally and against any attempt to enforce those laws. Suppose another criminals banded together to do the same thing?

None of these make any sense.

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