Thursday, August 5, 2010


The Army is investigating whether some officers were not properly referential enough when referring to The First Dope and Vice-Dope. These officers did not disobey any orders; they expressed the opinion (that they thought was of the record) that the President is a dope as are some of his minions. It has clearly happened before that officers have thought the President was a dope. But his is not MacArthur/Truman; this is a few aides. The difference is that this President does not tolerate anything less than idol worship. It is laughable to think that these inquiries were not instigated by the White House. So, it is “off with their heads” as a lesson in Obama’s version of free speech to everyone in the military and out. And this is from a President who does not know what is proper when the National Anthem is played and will not display the Flag at his speeches.

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