Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Meanwhile, with the help of the media, the race for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination is already in full swing. Primaries are the way it is supposed to happen. The key will be to do two things: have a primary season with a minimum of bloodshed and wind up with a candidate that does not start out with built in negatives that have to be overcome. Elections are won and lost buy the Party that can attract the 20% of the people in the middle of the spectrum. Most of these people are not political junkies - sound bites, 30 second interviews, campaign slogans and headlines are their news. Getting negatively branded in the minds of this group is an irrevocable injury. It is not hard to determine who fits into this group. Doesn’t mean that these people need to disappear, just means they would not make good candidates. Fund raising, cheer leading and endorsements are valid mission for whoever can do it well. It also does not mean that the chosen Republican candidate has to move compromise anything from a policy stand point. It does mean that two people can run on exactly the same policies and make the same and one can get elected and the other would have no chance.

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