Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Guilty verdict by a group of his peers. Big surprise. But the charges are misleading. Not paying income tax is a federal crime - let’s see where that goes; not reporting assets is internal to Congress (slap/slap – but where did all that money come from and is there more?); you are supposed to own one rent controlled building and he owned 4 – probably fraud. The big one here is hiding behind the “using government stationary” charge. That means he was soliciting money from companies that had issues before his committee - the one that gives out all the money. In simpler terms the deal is: Your Company donates money to my cause and I pass the earmarked legislation that helps your Company. In more blunt language that is a bribe – felony.
It took minutes for 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans to see that he was guilty and see through his ridiculous efforts to postpone the verdict. Incredibly, there are still people who are defending him with excuses ranging from “everybody does it”, through “he didn’t do it maliciously”, to that old standard of “RACISM”. Sorry Charlie – doesn’t wash. Now wait until we hear Maxine Waters scream.

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