Thursday, January 13, 2011

Name Calling

Name calling is inching toward asking for Olympic status. This guy is labeled as a “right wing nut” while some use “Nazi” as a synonym. Others favor “socialist” as the ultimate in smears. Here’s a test:
Question 1:
The scale runs from complete freedom to do anything you want to total mind/body/property control by whatever you call the people in charge. (Said another way, who wants more laws and who wants less.)
Now - put these people/ideologies on the scale:
Libertarians, Socialism, Hitler, Stalin, Republicans, Ronald Reagan, Nazism, Communism, Barack Obama, Anarchists, Democrats, Liberals, Right Wing nuts, Conservatives.

The answer is the same when you use a scale based upon economic freedom. The discussion now is to determine the relative differences between these points on the scale and who anyone wants to be close to.

It seems that in any accurate definition, the right wing nut and the Nazi are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. And Obama is closer to Nazi than Republican. How about that?

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