Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whacky Media Scales

There is a total media preference for outrage at every statement a conservative makes and silence about anything else. This inhibits any reasonable discussion. Palin's website was not the first to use the target analogy. The Democratic National Committee site used it as early as 2006; the liberal Daily Kos pulled theirs when Palin did. But there was no noise about the guilt or either, even after the shooting by a guy who was clearly not a conservative by any definition. And of course, the guy who said: ...they bring a knife we'll bring a gun... was never called to answer for that. But that is another issue.

Palin's blood libel comment was slammed anti-Semitic by her more unhinged opponents while even Alan Dershowitz said it wasn't. Meanwhile this Congressman compares everyone who disagrees with him to Joseph Goebbels and there is barely a wimper. Fair and balanced reporting that.

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