Thursday, April 21, 2011

Never the Twain shall meet

Two opinions are current. One encourages the President to take Social security, Medicare and Medicaid off the table and accuses the GOP of wanting to do away with entitlements; the other accuses the GOP of fraud and both want to stop the “unnecessary” tax cuts to the wealthy.

No one has said anything about cutting entitlements. The Ryan plan does not do anything to those over 54. For those under 55, it attempts to put the plans on a fiscal basis that will ensure that the plans are around to actually pay benefits to people who are 54 and younger. A plan that provides benefits is somewhat better than a plan that is not there.

Hello. Someone who makes $250,000 pays five times more in the taxes than the guy who makes $50,000. This President ran on the promise to take money from the rich (defined as anyone who makes more than you do) and share the wealth with those who make less. We know that will work for President but it doesn’t work for the economy.

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