Thursday, April 21, 2011

Republicans are dopey II

Perhaps the only intelligent thing Bill Clinton ever said was, "It's the economy, stupid." That is more correct now than ever.
It is not about abortion, whether George marries Fred, or whether either of them is in the Army. It is about taxes and spending, jobs and growth. There is a need to lower the first two and raise the second two.
The constant drum beating about these social issues is going to provide us with an unelectable Republican candidate for President and continue to allow the Democrats and their lackey press to obscure the important issue.
Look at it logically. The conservatives are not going to have abortions anyway, if people who believe in abortion have less abortions they will have more kids that they will raise to believe what they believe. That doesn't help. George and Fred will not be having any abortions anyway.

Somewhere there is an aged Republican with a bad arm who stands on street corners with an anti-abortion sign - in one hand. He is the next Republican Presidential candidate

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