Monday, June 27, 2011

Deport 'em

Ms. Rajagopalan (Newsday)makes numerous unsupportable statements about deportation. By her statistics, almost a third of those slated for deportation are aggravated level 1 felons. The attempted qualification is always a red flag and makes her statistic a joke. Kidnapping and several categories of murder, manslaughter and rape are level 2 felonies – but they don’t count. Neither does she mention how many of the committed crimes and just didn’t get caught. That is, caught for crimes other than entering the country illegally. Even by her slanted definition, it is scary that she considers that “only” 1/3 of these people are violent felons. There are few circumstances where that group statistic would be considered as desirable.

She ends by promoting an effort to determine why so many illegal immigrants have remained here on a near permanent basis. How about because they get lots of stuff that is free to them but costs others lots of money?

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