Thursday, June 2, 2011

Universally bad

Universal health care might be inevitable but it is not good. We are living in the rubble of an attempt at universal home ownership and the same people who brought us that failed concept have moved on to promoting universal health care. Let us not kid ourselves. The Obama healthcare plan makes no attempt to control cost and counts revenues over a longer period than expenditures even to come close to breaking even. This is a program in which Administration favorites ask for and receive exemptions while others are forced to participate while tort reform, allowing policies across state lines, and other areas of cost control areas are not even considered.

The political party supporting this has a platform based upon convincing the public that the government will provide a house, healthcare and most everything else for free since the other guy will pay for it. The only certainties are that the definition of the other guy will have to continually expand to meet these expectations and that this Administration has created another protected class that will be exempt from the program.

When the voters who get something from the government exceed the voters who pay for government there can be no end and we are approaching that point. Soon the campaign promises will be about universal ownership of a Lexus, a flat screen TV and an iPad.

Why not, the other guy will pay for it?

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