Sunday, May 10, 2009

Free Enterprise

The day after Thanksgiving, a Long Island WalMart had some advertised sales. These sales drew a crowd of customers, even before the store opened. When the store did open, the assembled herd stampeded into the store and trampled an employee who unfortunately died. The local DA took WalMart to court. WalMart settled out of court for a few million dollars and court control over future security procedures and providing make work jobs for 50 local unemployables.
From WalMart’s point, they get rid of a criminal case that would have cost more to fight in court but the dead guy’s relatives will still sue them for something in civil court. From The DA’s perspective, she won over the evil corporation. WalMart now has to submit safety plans for Government approval. And government control over business takes another step forward.

But what was WalMart guilty of? Offering good at prices that attracted too many people? Having customers that were unable to act like civilized people? The logical solution for WalMart seems to be to raise their prices and not have sales.

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