Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Health

The current Administration sees Socialized medicine as the solution and its getting closer. The reality is that there is no one in the process that is interested or has any incentive in controlling costs.

The providers are getting the money so why should they lower costs. There is no price competition.

The only thing the government as payer can do is to ration the care. It will just take longer to get anything. That is the Socialized model in England, Canada and elsewhere.

The consumers have no real way of shopping for anything. There is no possible end to the health care problem as long as the consumer has no interest in the pricing process. We shop for everything else we buy except health care. But when shopping is allowed, the prices come down over time. The prime examples are Lasik surgery and optional cosmetic surgery which are generally not covered by any medical plan.

Changes to the current system are certainly needed but they must include giving the customer a reward for assisting in the cost control process.

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