Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Lottery

A female teacher from Baldwin is getting $5 million from the school district for sexual harassment. The principal supposedly used sexist language in front of her. As a result, the taxpayers of Baldwin have to pay for her emotional distress, everyone pays for higher insurance rates and this woman gets millions. Her husband even gets $250,000 for “emotional pain”.
The first response to this is to ask where to sign up to get harassed. The second is to question the decision to give this woman millions. If it were proven that the principal is a lout (the story speaks only of allegations and trial testimony (he said and she said is not proof) fire the guy, give her back pay and move on. This decision is just dopey. The listed offenses are that he used sexist language, actually mentioned a student’s underclothes and made a derogatory comment about the woman when she filed suit. Who is defining sexist language these days and how much does it costs to use it? If people can see a student’s under clothes, it is inappropriate and the principal should say/do something about it. If an employee sues you for millions calling the complainant a name seems a reasonable response. What are the appropriate comments that would not cost the school district money?

And who was actually punished - the principal or the tax payers?
Where does it say that someone’s personal comments are the responsibility of the employer?
Has no one ever heard the “sticks and stones” rhyme?
Juries seem to have the opinion that there they can help someone hit the jackpot and no body pays except the insurance company. Just dopey

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