Friday, October 15, 2010

Blending for Oil

The EPA struck another blow to sanity by raising the allowable limit of Ethanol mixed with gas to 15%. They determined that the new limit does not harm the emission controls equipment current being produced nor would it harm engine performance. The cars guys I know all say the opposite but they actually work on engines unlike the EPA guys who specialize in pushing paper and making stuff up.

The political reason for this (does the First Dope ever have any other reason)is the ruling helps farmers get more money for their corn but will increase the costs of food. Now pretty much everyone buys food and will be adversely impacted by this so the exact political calculus behind the ruling is murky. The news article concedes that there is a “broad coalition” of groups against this ruling – unusual allies including environmentalists, car companies, food companies, and cattle ranchers. They left out people who will be paying more to eat stuff.

Seems like more rigid ideology: Don’t care what it means, got to have those renewable resources - no matter what.

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