Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rutgers Suicide

A gay guy killed himself after his non-gay roommate posted a video of his gay sexual encounter. The media is crazed and wants to try the posters for a hate crime. Lots of other emotional response on the campus where this happened.
First, it is unfortunate that the guy is dead. Suicide never solved anything. Second, the guy was gay. His business entirely.
The hate crime stuff is really dopey. Did the guy kill himself because people found out he was gay? Was he embarrassed? Why? Because he was gay? Suppose he was embarrassed to be short, left handed, a Met Fan. Being embarrassed is not a good reason for suicide - not that there is one. Sexual orientation comes out eventually anyway. If that was the reason, it was a suicide waiting to happen.
Turn it around. Suppose the video showed him and a girl and he would be embarrassed if his mother saw it.
Is the poster guilt of anything but bad taste?

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