Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Democrats swing the other way

It is not only Barney. A bunch of Democrats (is it a bunch, a pride, no they are not lions; a murder, like crows. That’s it. A murder of Democrats) – 47 exactly – has determined that the much discussed current tax rates should continue after January first.
What is happening here? Have these 47 former followers of the First Dope suddenly come to the realization that their economic expertise has been incorrect? Not only are admitting being wrong but their letter to Ms Pelosi says “Raising taxes on capital gains and dividends could discourage individuals from saving and investing.” The murder is admitting that the Republicans are right. The Republicans have been saying that for years and suddenly these former Kool-aid drinkers are agreeing. What could have happened to cause that? Perhaps there is hope for the US educational system. More likely, these guys see the writing on the wall. The people who pay taxes are tired of getting the short end of the stick and will be heard at the polls. So, like any clever murder, they change tactics and are campaigning against everything they have done in the past.
But it probably won’t work. After buying into the campaign slogans for years, their former constituents will be outraged that their patrons are now supporting “tax breaks for the rich”. These guys will lose the support of the confirmed Kool-aid drinkers. And will the oppressed tax paying public buy their new and tax and spend stance? After the orgy of spending and dopey programs that has come out of Congress for the past 4 years (They took over Congress in 2006 - before the crash.), no one will be signing up for that one. The short analysis is they will lose their supporters and not gain any new adherents. Brilliant move.
While a good part of the Democratic majority completely switches their economic philosophy overnight and contradicts everything that they have been saying, the First Dope announces that Republicans are the liars. Who is the pot and who is the kettle? Incredible.

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