Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Incredible AP

A new health care poll is incorrectly reported by the AP. They are reporting that most Americans Incorrectly think that the Health Care bill will raise taxes. Perhaps these guys are referring to another health care bill that will not raise taxes but the one we are currently stuck with certainly does. No Democrats – the people that voted for this atrocity – are proudly proclaiming their support of this bill as an accomplishment during their election campaigns. Wonder why? Could it be that now that they passed it they got around to reading it? These guys screwed up, they know it and they are running as hard as they can the other way. Steve Israel (D-NY) is trying to convince people he is a Washington outsider. Good luck Steve. Most of the other Democratic candidacies are based upon throwing mud at their opponents. They want no part of defending their actions or debating policy. The First Dope has been reduced to announcing that he will only be campaigning in “urban areas” (a double super secret Democratic code word that no one is supposed to understand). There have been no requests for campaign photo ops with The Dope. The most positive news announced by the National Democrat Committee has been their new logo – nicknamed the “Down Button”

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