Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The AP whines again

In the last few weeks, the AP has touted; the end of the recession; the disappearance of all the oil in the gulf; the decrease in illegal immigration; and praised the less that 1% decrease in new jobless claims. All of these things are – in their minds - triumphs of The First Dope’s policies. Never mind that the recession supposedly ended before any of his policies were enacted; the oil claim is violently scientifically disputed; illegal immigrants don’t want to be counted and are hiding so any decrease is a guess; and the unemployment rate is going up to 10%. They also criticize everyone who won a Republican primary winner.
They covered a conference of US/Mexican governors that announce that there should be immigration reform. Yes there should be but calling for a path to legalization for the current illegals is not it. The story only quotes Bill Richardson and some other Mexican governors because no other US governors attended. So only people who support amnesty have a meeting to promote amnesty and the AP announces that the result of the meeting was a “Push for immigration reform”. Despite it all the AP continues to claim the mantle of being the fair and balanced ones.
We can only hope that someday they will become immune to the Kool-Aid they are drinking

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