Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stimulated Yet?

The First Dope just does not get it. He is calling for another $20 Billion. Of course, the Treasury does not have the money but it did not have the money for the last three stimulus bills. Those last three bills did manage stimulated people to vote against most of the people who supported them. That is something and a change in Congress will eventually create jobs but this won’t. About half of the money of is going to support municipal union pension and health programs for the Post Office and to settle lawsuits against the government. There is no announcement of which lawsuits, who is suing and why – sounds like another round of redistribution. As a rough estimate, these two things together will stimulate approximately no (zero) jobs.
The main plan is to put all of this junk into a funding bill to keep the government funded so it can continue to operate. They did this under Clinton and made political hay because Newt and the boys opposed all of the attached spending. The media responded by blaming Newt. This time there is a different sentiment. Exactly how bad would it be if Federal offices closed for a few days. This might be viewed a bit differently how.

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