Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jimmy Carter

When will this guy go away? He has two claims to fame: up until two years ago he was in the short list of the worst Presidents in history and he gets involved as a mediator in things that do no credit to the country - sort of white Jesse Jackson.
Now he claims that he was the original tea party candidate. He was the outsider in his election run. He was an outsider but not because of any political policy differences. He ran as not being Gerry Ford- just as The First Dope’s campaign was basically “I am not George Bush”. Not the same thing. His expert analysis of his Presidency is that he tried to do too much and over burdened Congress. He regrets that Ted Kennedy’s run and the Iran hostage crisis (which he caused and completely mismanaged) cost him the 1980 election which he would have won without those two events. The guy continues to be delusional. He carried 5 states and just barely lost in a landslide to some guy named Reagan

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