Friday, September 3, 2010

The Perfect Storm

Indications are that consumer confidence in the economy is getting stronger, the Stock Market is trending up, and the banks and large corporations are making money. Meanwhile, the unemployment stays at 9.5% (at least) with no indication of improvement.
This is the perfect storm for the First Dope. He and the Democrats have worked diligently over the past few years to cast the banks, the Stock Market, corporations and anyone who actually wants to make a profit as the bad guy.
The result has been that companies have learned to cope (make a profit) with fewer employees and have no interest in adding staff with the current uncertainty in health costs, regulations and taxes. The Stock Market will react to profits as they always do. Consumer confidence is increasing in tandem with the likelihood that there will be a change in the political machinery.
As these things continue to snowball, all the Democratic bogeymen will continue to do well. This is not what the Democrats want to see with the unemployment rate stuck where it is. The people that they court won't be happy.

What can their spin be: (pick one)
All our programs made money for all the people we said were bad guys but there are still no jobs.
Another trillion in stimulus will do it.
Wait until the Health Care Bill takes effect.
We have turned the corner.
It is the Fall of Recovery. (Think about that one)
The Party of No is hindering us.
If people only stop clinging to their Bibles and Guns we would be ok

Whatever they do it will be accompanied by the ever present, it is Bush’s fault

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