Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our nuts and their nuts

This supposed pastor in Florida who wants to burn the Koran is dead wrong. He is a nut and there is no way his planned bonfire can be the right thing to do.

Given that, it is truly unfortunate that he has become the face (at least the media face) of people who have legitimate concerns about what is in fact a war with radical Islam. Let's keep in context that he and his 50 supposed followers are an almost non-existent percentage of the 350 million people in the US. The estimate of radical Islamists is 10% of over a billion people – over 100 million. This guy has no visible support except for his media releases and the dopey media people that have published them.

While there is no ground swell of agreement with this dope, there is an underlying discontent. The people that are most vigorously censoring this pastor for his non-politically correct stance are the same ones who have in the past justified and supported using public funds for such displays as a crucifix in urine and dung portraits of other Christian scenes. There is an inconsistency in how these things are viewed that makes it clear that political correctness does not apply across the entire spectrum of religious beliefs. That really annoys some people. Both burning the Koran and a urine soaked crucifix are inappropriate and both sides are wrong in seeing that only “their” opinion is correct. If anyone at least took the same position in both cases it would be more defensible.

There are legitimate actions that can be taken to protest things like building the mosque in Manhattan. This is not one of them.

If this book burning goes as scheduled, the hope is that his “church” catches fire. The “eye for an eye” idea is in both Books.

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