Friday, September 24, 2010

Where to Look?

Janet Napolitano has managed to figure out that the Islamoterrorists are recruiting inside the US. Now someone probably told her this but how she figured it out is not relevant. Regardless, how and where these terrorists are doing their recruiting has become a big problem for Homeland Security and its many sub-agencies. According to the White House mouthpiece (The AP) it is just hard for them to find these recruiters because they are recruiting US citizens.
Remember when these wizards took over and “increased” their vigilance and airports. In the name of keeping the vigilance politically correct. My mother and her artificial hip got more scrutiny when boarding a plane than Mohammed al-BombThrower. Now that this new recruiting operation has been determine, this is another opportunity for Homeland Security to insure that assorted Christian and Jewish places of worship are as tightly monitored as places where people might congregate who want to blow things up - like mosques maybe. The Homeland Security “How to Catch a Terrorist for Dummies” manual should include the general instruction that you look for cabbage in the cabbage patch.

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