Friday, September 24, 2010

Saving the World

One of the accomplishments of the recent UN meeting was that “Nations pledge $40B in aid to poor”. That is just fine. However, it would be interesting to determine just which nations are doing the pledging. Since it is the UN the guess is that about 60% of the pledged money will come from the United States and The First Dope has promised to honor the pledge. That is the normal process anyway. It remains to be seen whether the other countries will honor their pledges and which countries even made pledges in the first place.
The United States is broke. For any money that we contribute to anything, most of it has to be borrowed. Where is this money going to go? Countries where people make $1.25 a day says story. Like China? So we are borrowing money from China to send money through the UN (where whatever we contribute will be reduced by administrative costs for high living functionaries, bribes, and general waste) back to China to give to their citizens. That makes sense. Or maybe the aid will go to the many Muslim countries where we are so beloved. These countries are receiving our payments for their oil – and gracefully letting the US take care of their fellow followers of the Prophet. Or maybe the $1.25/day people are in countries that send us their excess populations as illegal aliens.
And at the end of the UN meeting The First Dope will switch his attention to resolving the problems in the Sudan. Priorities are important

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