Friday, October 8, 2010

A likely story

The house organ for the White House – otherwise know as the AP – released a story that the economy is "likely" creating jobs! Likely? This is a refinement of the First Dope's favorite economic stat: "Jobs saved". Jobs saved is a pie in the sky, make believe number that can be neither proven nor refuted with any accuracy. His press releases touting the success of his stimulus programs usually track jobs created and jobs saved. This made up number will now include jobs that are likely to be created. Of course, they will continue to only give one number. Think they rely mostly on jobs saved and likely to be created?
This sophisticated economic statistical analysis is the norm for the AP parrots. There is a difference between “the sun is likely come up tomorrow” and “it is likely that the unemployment rate is 3% next week” but the wizards at AP doesn’t seem to see this subtle difference.
How can people with opposing thumbs continue to buy this crap? Vote accordingly.

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