Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alice in Washington

Representative Israel says the current Health Care bill is hard to defend because the “language and provisions are fluid”! [Newsday - Bishop vote draws GOP ire] He says that this has led to the GOP distorting the bill.
The Mad Hatters of Washington have created a situation where criticisms of this fluid bill – (a moving target?) - are distortions and but voting on the fluid (undefined?) bill is something that really needs to get done. Rep. Pelosi thinks she is re-enforcing this logic saying the bill needs to pass because then we can find out what is really in it. (?)
So, the guys that want an immediate vote on this bill are complaining that they can’t properly convince the American public what a great thing this will be to pass the bill because they need to pass the bill which is still fluid so we can see how good it is. Curiouser and curiouser! The responsibility for provisions being fluid would seem to be lie with the authors of the bill.

It is easy to cast the Queen of Hearts but it remains to be seen whose head will come off.

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