Saturday, March 6, 2010


No one is disputing that the (former) Chairman of the committee that writes our Tax laws is a tax cheat, takes gifts from lobbyists, misuses his office, lies on his disclosure statement, and doesn’t report all his income. Although this would quality him to be Secretary of the Treasury in the current Cabinet, he has now “temporarily” been removed as Chairman. Does the spin never end? Why should this be temporary in any definition of the word? He should be thrown out of office. If anyone else committed the same offense they would be in jail.
He is not even being removed because of his felonious actions. Democrats are admitting that he had to be removed so that his party would not be embarrassed during the next election. That sounds like they plan to put him and his felonies back in his Chairmanship after the election. Apparently the Democrats assume that the voters of his district are complete morons who actually would want to elect a felon. Sad if it is true but people deserve who they elect.
It is just unfortunate for him that when - for the first time in 40 years in office – he does something wrong, he is caught in the act. What are the odds!

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