Thursday, March 11, 2010


We obviously want cars to be dependable - to stop and start as directed. Whatever this problem is needs to be fixed. But there are two puzzling issue around the Toyota coverage that are not being investigated.
Toyota has sold upwards of 20 million cars in the United States since 2000. In those 10 years there were a few complaints about acceleration (23 was one number published). Including those caused by drunks and the infirmed. Then the news coverage got hold of the issue and complaints are through the roof. Politicians latch on to it and we have people crying at Senate hearings. Question One is what percentage of the increase in complaints is due to a serious problem with the cars or because of the law suit lotto that is sure to follow.
One possible cause of this problem has been identified as electronic interference. Could the car’s electronics be responding to the simultaneous use the cell phone, GSP, blackberry, Bluetooth, video game usage while driving?

As stated fix the problem, but let’s not always repeat the media hysteria that brought us recent coverage of the snowicane, the snowpocalpse, the non-tsunami in Hawaii and on and on.

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