Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Company A has a unique product they want to sell; Company B is in business to resell this type of product to the public. Company A wants to charge more for their product; Company B doesn't want to pay the increased cost. Company A has choices - don't sell the product unless B pays their desired price (but then they realize no income), hold out for their price and risk Company B walking away (possibly no income again) , or reach an agreement on price with the purchaser. Company B has the same choices from the other side. Gee, I wonder how often this happens.
It is happening now between Disney (ABC) and Cablevision (and between thousands of other companies).

But Senator Kerry is coming to the rescue on this one. He wants this one settled or else the federal government will get involved and - what? Determine the proper price that one company should pay another for its products? That can't be good for business in general.
Now there are hundreds of other television channels but Senator Kerry considers it important enough that his constituents do not miss Jeopardy that the government should interfere. Senator Kerry is one of the many people who did not have enough time to actually read the President's Health Care plan but he has time to do this.

Constituent service is in the eye of the beholder.

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