Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Conservative Slant?

Fox News - object of derision because of its perceived conservative slant had a beauty Sunday. They were promoting the web site of a recent Northeastern graduate who had $200,000 in student loans. The website was asking for donations so she would be able to pay off the debt. She apparently had a job (not the one she wanted) but still found it difficult to pay her loan. The idiot Fox anchor was promoting this as a good thing to do. The woman chose to go to Northeastern; she chose to take out the loans to pay for it; she was bright enough to get into the school but not bright enough to determine that she couldn’t afford it. She blames this mess on the fact the she bought into the myth that you should go to the best school that you can. The part about the best school you can afford was missed in her thought process. And now she has determined that it should be everyone else’s problem. She is looking for people who are dopey enough to reward behavior that should not be encouraged. Don’t blame her for trying – maybe she was taught in her Northeastern Marketing class that taking advantage of the gullible was a valid fund raising technique.
The main issue is the moronic anchor guy who supports this drivel. He seems to have missed the issue of personal responsibility completely. Suppose she bought a BMW and now she can’t afford the payments. Her original options were to buy a BMW, NOT to buy a car, or to buy a different car for less than half the price. The last two would leave her with more manageable debt. But a BMW is better, faster, and cooler. Not anyone’s problem but hers. And clearly she would have trouble finding people who would donate for that.
This guy proposed that everyone in this audience send the woman a dime and the debt would be paid. Maybe he should try and solve everyone’s financial problems and suggest that everyone should send everyone else one dollar. The end result of such a dopey plan is that everyone would wind up with exactly what they started with. Bet that would make sense to him though.

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