Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Electric Cars

These things may well be the wave of the future but the question is whether the future is now. Doesn’t look like it. This GM beauty will go about 40 miles per charge. The charge time is about 10 hours on a 120 volt line and 4 hours on a 240 line. Installing a 240 v line into your garage is extra. Another thing that seems to have popped up is the impact on the power lines of having a cluster of these things in the same area. But that stuff will eventually be resolved and as supporters say: “We’ve got to start somewhere.”
Right, but how about starting with stuff that actually works? Not with an over-priced, small (four seat) car that is inconvenient to operate. If someone wants to overpay for a product they want that is their choice but supporting uneconomic choices with everyone else's tax money doesn't seem quite right.
It is just difficult to name another product that has to be sold based upon deceptive advertising that our current nanny state would allow on the market. How about a ladder where only the first two rungs would support you; almost sterile band-aids; soda made with water that was pretty clean; or flat screen TVs that had to be recharged after each hour of viewing? But maybe that last one would improve literacy rates.

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