Friday, December 3, 2010

The Nanny State - Parenting Division

The Transportation Safety Department has thought of a new way to spend your money. They propose that all cars and SUVs be equipped with rear facing cameras starting in 2014. The idea is to prevent the “busy parents juggling careers and children” from not running over their “toddlers who get behind a parked car, not realizing the inherent dangers”.
Now it is very sad that people are dying because their parents are not paying any attention when they back up. Unfortunately, these things are caused because someone didn’t pay attention. Exactly how will another camera change that? According to these do-gooders, the same people who don’t pay attention to where their kid is before backing up will now pay attention to where their kid because they will now magically look where they should have been looking before. Why, because it is now easier not to run over your kid? Please!!! It was easy not to do that before. Just pay attention to where your toddler is when you back up. And that is free. But your nanny state thinks that juggling a career is just too difficult to handle without federal intervention.
This new advantage will increase the cost of a new car a $1,000 or so for something that most people don’t need.
The “do it for the kids” crowd will be bleeding their hearts out to save the kids from parents who don’t pay any attention to their role as parents. In the meantime, this is a tax. Not a just tax on people who are “rich”; it is a tax on everyone who buys a car. It will hurt car sales, decrease jobs and put your spending decisions in the Government’s hands.
If you want to buy the camera option, go ahead. Don’t make everyone else do so

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