Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teaching Sacrifice

The current economic has everyone sacrificing. Many companies have cut staff, reduced or eliminated salary increases, are not hiring, dropping benefits and doing what they can to weather the storm.

Yesterday, Deer Park teachers announced their part of the sacrifice. They were contractually due for a 3% raise for the next school year. The Deer Park Superintendent proudly announced that they will not be getting that raise. Due to her superior negotiating skills these teachers will instead be getting a 4.85% raise next school year. Step increases are not mentioned as part of the sacrifice.
This is what passes for “sacrifice” to the Teachers Union and for great negotiating by those responsible. The idiot Superintendent even called this a “savings”. Compared to what?

Fairness requires that it be noted that this type of sacrifice is not confined to Deer Park. Similar sacrifices have been made by teachers all over Long Island

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