Monday, February 14, 2011

Jose is still drunk

Jose Borbon got convicted of DWI. He actually got a year in prison so it probably was not his first offense. Six weeks later he is behind the wheel again, still drunk and even on his cell phone. This time he killed someone. He got 1 1/3 – 4 years and he’ll be out in a year - a slap on the wrist for killing someone
Last year Newsday ran a series of stories about “The Gap” - the small distance between LIRR platforms and railroad car. It is time to run another series. The public should be aware of the ridiculous fines, suspended sentences, probation and minimal jail time that multiple DWI offenders are getting. These people are putting everyone else on the road at risk when they get behind the wheel. Establish a real level - .08 is not it; enforce the drug laws that mandate confiscation of the vehicle; increase jail time/fines. This will never end until the punishment is made to fit the depraved indifference that these people show to everyone else’s life.

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