Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oil Plan

Oil is $100 a Barrel and the USA sends billions to countries that want to blow us up to get it. It would be better not to depend on these guys or give them money.

Natural Gas is 1/5 the price for the same amount of energy produced. It is clean burning and exists in huge quantities in the US.

The Obama Administration controls GM.

The Obama Administration favors clean energy alternatives like solar and windmills. But it is unlikely that we will ever see either a solar powered car – especially at night – or powered by a windmill in the near future.

GM introduced a new breakthrough car that can go as far as 40 miles without a charge, is expensive to buy, hard to refuel, and not really ready for the market. In addition, if all those problems were resolved, it would still run on electricity – most of which is provided by oil.

The Obama Administration pushed tax credits for cars that use less oil instead of pushing for cars that use no oil.

Cars powered by natural gas exist, get good mileage and have a decent range.

The question: Does this plan makes sense to anyone who is not a dope?

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