Monday, February 14, 2011

The left finds religion

In most situations, Newsday’s position is that other Christianity must bend to whatever is necessary - except when it serves their political purposes. The most recent example is Mr. Keeler’s heart rending effort to justify the Dream Act. The newest parallel is somehow between certain parents (don’t say Christ - that would be hateful) that fled to Egypt 2,000 years ago and the basic illegal alien. The illegal alien is away from home, misses the memories of home, misses the family that is unable to illegally enter the country, and misses not being able to illegally go home and then illegally come back. Now all of this could be avoided if the illegal alien stayed wherever the family was in the first place. That would be the country where his kid is going to college; where he would be with his wife and other kids; where he wouldn’t be lonely; and where he would be in a culture that celebrates his traditions. All those things were less important to Mr. Busboy than getting in this country. Remember that Mr. Busboy came here of his own volition.

Lots of things can be done to make the immigration system better but none of them should be done because people who leave where ever they are miss the people they willingly left behind.

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